Theut Turns Away All But One in Win over Knoxville

MACON, GA – After a season unlike any other, the Macon Mayhem finally hit their home finale on Friday Night. In what has been an absolutely sensational season for the Mayhem, this season’s home-closer could be one of strict celebration, knowing what has been done at the Macon Coliseum this year. With Knoxville in town, and both teams already locked into their ultimate playoff spot, this game was really the opportunity to have one last brush up prior to a possible Finals meeting.
Early into the first period, top-two scoring forward Mason Baptista would net his 16th goal of the season, and give Macon a 1-0 lead with 3:18 gone by. Past this early notch, the game would feature a flurry of impressive-saves from Austyn Roudebush, and a number of turnovers in the neutral zone. Time would come and go, and the Mayhem would slip into the first intermission with a goal lead, outshooting the Ice Bears 11-4.
The second period would be a contentious one for each side, and a high-shooting one at that. When all was wrapped for the frame, shots read 14-13 in favor of the Mayhem. A slew of penalties would afflict each side, but no goals would come as a result of the varying power play opportunities. Jimmy Soper, however, would find the back of the net near the halfway mark of the game, off a rebound offering from Austyn Roudebush. Soper’s 8th of the season would give the Mayhem a 2-0 lead, but the Ice Bears wouldn’t stay down for long. Not even four minutes later, the Ice Bears would get a great bounce from Stepan Timofeyev, and put themselves on the board for the first time in the game, cutting the game to 2-1. After a back-and-forth frame, that score remained heading into the final period.
Macon would find themselves in a tight spot in the third period; backs against the wall, 5-on-3 against them, timeout taken by Knoxville’s Coach Carr. What would surmount would be an impressive two-man-down kill, and immediately on the other side, a 200-foot impressive goal from Logan Coomes for his 8th of the year. With 12:28 to go, the Mayhem had retaken a two-goal lead, and were in ready position to shut this game down. The Mayhem would control the flow of the game from then-on, and find an empty-netter in the final minute to shutdown Knoxville 4-1 in the home finale.
Saturday, May 8 is the next time the Mayhem will play in the Macon Coliseum, looking for a hopeful first-round sweep in the second-game of the series. Macon closes out their regular season – one of the best in SPHL history – tomorrow in Huntsville at 8 P.M. EST. With tonight’s win, the Mayhem pick up their 31 win of the season.