Mayhem Fall Flat in Third Period Against Roanoke

MACON, GA – The Macon Mayhem returned home to the Macon Coliseum as they hosted Healthcare Heroes Night where all workers in the medical field were eligible for a special discount as a thank you. The Mayhem would match up with the Roanoke Railyard Dawgs for the first time this season.

Mayhem Coach Zac Desjardins and Railyard Dawgs Coach Dan Bremner would spend the first period feeling each other out from a coaching perspective. Both squads would trade some early opportunities as each side looked for an early advantage. The Mayhem would get their first great chance of the game as former Mayhem Brett Menton was booked for a delay of game. The Mayhem powerplay generate multiple opportunities, but none were cashed in. The game would stay at zeros heading into the first intermission.

The second period would begin much the same. Both teams poked and prodded looking for any advantage they could garner over the other. The poking and prodding would soon continue into after the whistles. Both teams would chirp one another as the Mayhem’s enforcers looked for a “dance partner.” Late in the period, Nigel Slade of the Mayhem would find a dance partner as he tangled with Charlie Pelnik in a very spirited bout that would result in two minors for both players. Both the Mayhem and Railyard Dawgs would stay deadlocked at zeroes.

With the game in the balance, both teams would clock into the third looking to draw first blood in the contest. Unfortunately for the Mayhem, Roanoke would do just that. Chris Vella would net his third of the season with Mac Jansen adding one of his own very quickly after to double Roanoke’s advantage. With the game on the line, Coach Desjardins went to the empty net as Brady Heppner would add the final dagger to the Mayhem’s hopes.

The Mayhem will have a chance at revenge tomorrow night against the Roanoke Railyard Dawgs as they host Teddy Beat Toss Night where fans are encouraged to bring stuffed animals to be donated after the first Mayhem goal.