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Mayhem Sunday Matinee Ends in OT Defeat

The Mayhem suffer their second consecutive overtime loss to the Pensacola Ice Flyers.

Macon hit the ground running, still buzzing from their first home victory of the season. Connor Graham started the scoring followed in rapid succession by Aaron Aragon and Rhett Kingston to give the Mayhem an early three-goal lead. The Ice Flyers responded in turn by swapping goalies and netting three of their own before the buzzer sounded to end the first period of action.

The tempo slowed a bit in the second as penalties impacted both sides. A “too many men” call against the Mayhem proved to be the costliest as Ryan Orgel gave the Ice Flyers their first lead of the night. Six minutes later the game was evened up again as Colton Fletcher scored his second of the season to ensure a tie game heading into the third.

Once again, the Ice Flyers struck first in the period as Seth Ensor gave Pensacola a 5-4 lead in the third. With less than four minutes in regulation, Mayhem winger CJ Hayes took it upon himself to score the equalizer taking the puck coast-to-coast before sending the game to overtime in dramatic fashion. The Mayhem entered the overtime period shorthanded as Colton Fletcher was booked for holding and John DeRoche took advantage sneaking one by Josh Benson and ending the contest.

The Mayhem will be back in action next weekend in Birmingham before coming back to the Macon Coliseum on December 9th for Faith and Family night. For more information and tickets, visit

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