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Penalties Get the Best of Macon

The Mayhem drop their third straight to open the season as they fall to the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs 4-1.

The Mayhem came out buzzing after a disappointing opening weekend as team leading scorer Tommy Munichiello potted his second of the season. That was the last of the good news of the period as the Macon boys consistently found themselves behind the 8-Ball due to a slew of penalties. After a couple successful kills, Roanoke’s Nick Ford opened the scoring for the Dawgs on a 5-on-3. The Mayhem were able to stop the bleeding and leave the ice with the score knotted up 1-1.

The second period woes that have plagued the Mayhem all season reared their ugly head again in the Coliseum as the Rail Yard Dawgs were able to sneak pucks behind goaltender Tom Aubrun twice while finding three more bodies in the penalty box. After scoring the Dawg’s third goal, Domincks Marcinkevics went to the box to serve a too-many-men penalty with less than two to play in the period. While the Mayhem showed life and put shots on, it wasn’t enough to beat Austyn Roudebush in his first start of the year.

Roudebush didn’t have a hard job in the third as the Mayhem managed a measly four shots on net in the final frame. The Dawgs continued to dominate the possession battle as they peppered Aubrun with 17. More penalties kept Macon from putting together any sort of comeback attempt as Roanoke’s Josh Nenandal put the final nail in the coffin with another Dawgs goal. Macon lost defenseman Rourke Russell late in the 3rd to an “Abuse of the Official” misconduct that, god willing, will not result in any additional punishment.

The Mayhem have another opportunity to prove their worth against Roanoke tomorrow night as they conclude their two-game series. The puck drops as 6:30pm as the Macon squads celebrates their community with Mercer night, including a post-game specialty jersey auction.